Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jen as an Athlete

Instead of moping, Jennylyn engaged in sporting activities. She took jujitsu and Muay Thai lessons in her free time. “They built up my muscles. I looked heavy onscreen,” Jennylyn recounted. “I realized that I needed cardio exercises to slim down.”

She discovered running and biking, which soon led her to join duothlon competitions in Alabang and Laguna.

She competed twice in Alabang. “A race usually started with an 8-kilometer run, followed by 40 km of biking and another 3 km of running.”
“I try to train four times a week. But I’m busy with work again so I get to practice only twice a week,” she said.

“Triathlon isn’t easy,” Jennylyn explained. “But it’s fulfilling to finish a race. It makes all your hard work seem worthwhile. That I lost weight is just a bonus. I’ve noticed that my stamina has improved, too. I’m no longer as sickly as before.”
Jennylyn had previously checked out other dive spots in the country—Cebu, Bohol, Boracay—but Batangas proved special, for obvious reasons.

“Batangas has a lot of dive spots,” she said. “I wasn’t aware that there was such a place in Luzon. It’s near Manila, but it still has beautiful and unpolluted waters. And down there, it’s a different world.”

Diving has taught her to be more environmentally conscious.

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